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What does a walking double double look like?

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

What does a walking double double look like? Well, you're looking at one when you see Caleb Kenney play. Caleb has taken the Underground by storm with multiple double double games. I'm sure you're thinking points and rebounds right about now, and you're right. However, that's not all, Caleb can get you a double double any way you like. He can get you steals and blocked shots, points and rebounds, points and steals, points and blocked shots. Oh, and I almost forgot, points and assists, whatever needs to be done, this guy can do it.

Standing at 6'4" with a wing span of 7'1", guards can't shoot over him. Try and go around him, well he'll just adjust, make you alter your shot and get the rebound when you miss.

Caleb Kenney is a "Combo Guard" that can play the point and all other positions on the floor if needed. He is unique and you have to see him play to appreciate it, because he's also smart, which goes along way in today's game.

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