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Twin Towers!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

At the beginning of every season of travel basketball coaches far and wide search for the elusive "Big Man". They look in places familiar to them like recreation leagues, middle school teams, high school teams and of course other travel teams. If they are lucky they may get one big guy they will have to train or teach the game. Most coaches don't get lucky enough to get two big guys unless they are running a sponsored program and the player comes to them.

Well, Major Movez 8th grade team has two, yes two "Twin Towers", or "Big Men". Not only do they have two, they can play! They are not projects waiting to happen or kids who just walked in the gym yesterday. They are good solid players right now. Of course they are not Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwan, but for an eighth grade travel team playing on a circuit where big men are rare, they might as well be.

#24 George Akoto - George is athletic to say the least. He is 6'4" and can do all of the above the rim things big boys do. He dunks with ease and is quick as a cat on the boards. He has incredible quickness for a big guy and projects to me as a future 3 or stretch 4.

#22 Logan Hoyt - Logan is fluid and smooth, with great hands and touch around the basket. I like his footwork for a young player of his size. He can take over a game both offensively and defensively. At 6'4" or taller depending on his hair style that day, Logan Hoyt projects as a versatile 3 or stretch 4 in the future.

With all this being said a couple of high school coaches in Richmond will be very happy next year to get both of these guys and UGP once again is happy to bring them to you.

George Akota and Logan Hoyt

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