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The New Day is Now!

The UGP has been following closely Lee Davis HS and it's fast start to the 2018-2019 basketball season. Some may ask, is this team for real? Are they built to go the distance? Well, those are all good questions. However, you would be missing the point if you are just worried about Lee Davis beating the big boys of HS basketball in the Richmond area.

Let me explain. It has been a long time since Lee Davis has been in a position to say, "this team is good", much less 9-2 to start a season. Oh, yeah the critics will say, the schedule is soft, they need to beat somebody like Henrico or Varina to be considered. I just want to give you the UGP angle, which is and always will be to find the hidden stars overlooked by all the others covering the HS basketball scene. Lee Davis has plenty of hidden talent on this team.

Guys who played Summer travel basketball for programs like Upward Stars Richmond ( Now Underground Phenoms ), who often go overlooked, but made a decision to get better through solid training and coaching.

Here is the quick run down of what I know:

Adonis Johnson - 2019 - Small forward with offers in track, but this kid can jump out the gym

Avery Fusco - 2019 - Shooting guard, Avery hit 5 threes in a row against Clover Hill

Devin Christian - 2019 - Point Guard who can gets to the front of the rim on most anyone

James Wallace - 2020 - Combo guard with length and a smooth offensive game

Dana Woodley - 2021 - Combo guard with length and a knack for offense

All of these guys played for the same summer program at one point in the past two years and they played a lot of minutes and got better.

Elijah Jones - 2020 - Combo guard with a strong body and finishes everything

Tyler Berry - 2019 - Combo guard that does everything, I mean everything

I don't know how this season will end, or if Lee Davis is in it for the long haul. What I do know is with all of the 2020 and 2021s on their roster Lee Davis is a team to watch not just for this year but also next. College coaches need to take a trip down 360 into Mechanicsville and just take a peak at what's going on. You might find someone you like.

Lee Davis HS 9-2

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