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"Quiet Assassin"

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

It was a fitting end to the travel tournament season for UGP this weekend, as teams from NC, MD, TN,VA, and WV squared off in the annual Above The Rim classic. This was the last chance to discover some new talent or old talent not receiving exposure. The Above The Rim did not disappoint, as a matter of fact, UGP may have discovered one of its most intriguing players of the Summer season.

Sincere Moore, please remember this name because, he is a player you would want on your short list of recruits. Sincere Moore is a 6'5" 2021

Sincere Moore - MVP UGP Above The Rim

lefty combo guard, who scores, scores, and scores at every level. He, unlike many guards today doesn't require a bunch of touches to get his, which makes him special. Sincere to say the least is the most efficient scorer I have seen this summer, and I've seen some of the best. He quietly picks apart any defense at every level. He has the ability to shoot the three ball at a high percentage and when you close out on him he'll go by you to the basket and finish. If you cut him off he just pulls up in your face and scores at mid-range. For you old basketball heads out there, you may remember the name Alex English, the "Silent Assassin". Well Sincere Moore is the "Quiet Assassin", he scores with such ease you don't know he's the one killing you until you look at the score sheet and he's rolled up 25 on you.

In the 4 games at the UGP Above The Rim Sincere averaged 18.5 points. He went on a 10 point scoring frenzy in the last 6 minutes of the championship game to jseal the deal for the 804 Heat. Needless to say this guy will definitely be ranked in the next update of the UGP rankings. If he doesn't show up on other ranking boards its because they just don't know and haven't seen him play. Well now you know! Courtesy of the Underground once again another player to watch, Sincere Moore.

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