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Martin Kawa put in the work!

The UGP is the place where stars are emerging everyday. Today is no different as we bring you Martin Kawa of Colonial Forge. While it's easy to get lost in the D1 prospects everyone talks about on a daily basis, and follow the guys who have flashy highlight reals, UGP wants to bring you the guys who are quietly getting it done and being overlooked.

Martin Kawa is the guy you underestimated, the guy you took for granted, and the guy you probably cut from your team in 8th grade. Well, your loss, because the kid can play! Martin is making a name for himself slowly one game at a time. The 6'2" junior point guard is currently averaging 16 pts a game at Colonial Forge HS. He has put up big numbers this season,

29 pts against Stonewall Jackson HS, 25 pts against Annandale HS, and 21 pts against Wakefield HS. I know what you're saying right about now, "a lot of guys are scoring", and its not unusual for a player to have a breakout season. You know, you're right, however to understand this break out story you have to be aware of the hard work this guy has put in to get where he is today. Martin has put in the work! He has trained consistently, working on his shot, his agility, his defense, and most importantly his basketball IQ. Yeah, I said it, basketball IQ, something often lost on the flashy highlight reals you see every day.

Martin Kawa's basketball IQ is at the D1 level and he is having a breakout season. The UGP will continue to follow Martin on his quest to become a D1 player. One thing is evident if he continues to excel and he becomes a consistent scorer and defender, at 6'2" D1 schools will take notice!

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Keep it up Martin and congrats on your season thus far!

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