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I Bet you didn't know

As I set out to write this little post, I just kept coming back to the same thought. "I bet you didn't know", yeah, I bet you didn't know. Yes, it weighed heavy on my mind that you probably didn't know there is a 6'3" 2021 combo guard at Thomas Dale HS slowly emerging as a leader and impact player.

Well, his name is Kylon Lewis, and if you have been around the summer basketball circuit in Richmond VA you may already know his name. He's a smooth lefty with a lot of bounce in his step, and he can score in bunches. However, that's not what makes him special. What makes him really special is he's versatile. He can play the point guard as a play-maker and then move over to the shooting guard and light you up. He can defend and lock you down and he's getting better every outing. 20 points against Colonial Heights and 16 points against Hopewell are just a couple of games where he has shown what he can do.

Thomas Dale hasn't had a great season so far, ( 2 - 10 ) and let's face it, when you think about Thomas Dale HS, most thoughts go to football. Also, with LC Bird in your backyard sucking all of the life out your basketball dreams, who's been paying attention to Thomas Dale these days. I urge you to just take a look at Kylon Lewis at Thomas Dale. When you see him, you'll understand why if you follow HS basketball, or if you are a college recruiter, you need to know his name. Thomas Dale HS may not be winning a lot of games right now, but if Kylon Lewis has anything to do with it, the future is bright for the Knights


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